Buschetta Ingredients

Fresh Homemade Bruschetta

Bruschetta definitely reminds me of Italy or Ticino, chillin on a beautiful terrasse or in a nice cozy ristorante. I go there a lot and I am sure I order Bruschetta as an appetizer every time. Apparently, the origin of it goes back to people just looking for a way to use old bread before it got to stale. Makes sense and probably also why there are so many different toppings. Hey Carlo, cosa faremo con questo pane che sta diventando vecchio? Well don’t waste it! Here slap some of these Pomodoros on there. And here is some Aglio. Oh and look I got some Basil. And this ham? Might as well! Buona idea Carlo!

Bruschetta (Brewsketta) is a dish including the toasted bread. We are not talking just about the topping when you say Bruschetta. I sell it without the Bread and call it Bruschetta Mix.

It’s a great appetizer. It goes hand in hand with the word ‘Fresh’ and is so perfect in spring and summer at an outdoor party. Here is the recipe: Lovethatsauce’s Bruschetta.

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