Hummus in flowers

Fresh Homemade Hummus

Once again,  I have to repeat something I say often: fresh is sooòo much better than store bought! I don’t want the citric acid, conservations ingredient E202, guam, or lactic acid. Nor do I want grapeseed oil. I want pure fresh natural ingredients and I want olive oil!

Its funny cuz I went to my doctor for a checkup a few years ago, and he said my cholesterol is too high. I told him I eat a lot of sandwiches smothered in mayonnaise.  One of his suggestions was to replace it with hummus. So I bought some and tried it. My lovely veggie sandwiches or ham or whatever I can find in the fridge sandwiches  were now dry and had a strange foreign ‘this does not belong here’ taste. I didn’t finish that crap and went back to my good ole mayo kick.

It wasn’t till I started my own business of fresh sauces, that I came across it again. People were asking for it. So I googled it and came across the recipe by CookieandKate. She does amazing work and I really enjoy her writings. So I made it. And……POW! It was so fricken tasty! What have I been missing all these years. Fresh and creamy and not dry. And so much flavor!! My wife and I couldn’t stop eating it.

My cholesterol is still too high but now I can make those sandwiches to help keep it down.

Hummus is also high in fiber and a great source of plant protein. Check this link out if you want to know more: Hummus nutrition.

Now that being said, there are still two key issues to making killer Hummus. The first is you have to peel the skins off the garbanzo beans. This removes the bitterness and makes it much richer and creamier. A key reason why fresh is so much better.

The second is the Tahini and the sesame seeds. If you buy the Tahini in the store, you risk it has been sitting around too long and has become slightly bitter and rancid. So check those dates.  One can also make it with hulled or unhulled sesame seeds. Most Tahinis are made with unhulled as it is less bitter and more creamier. Hulled has more nutritional benefits so if that’s important to you, go for it. Quite frankly I am not sure anyone can tell the difference.

Wanna make your own Tahini? No problem. It is real easy too. Here is a recipe that I use:

The Daring Gourmet’s Tahini

Here is the link to the Recipe: Enjoy!

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