Mint Cashew Pesto

Mint Cashew Pesto

I have had this one on my mind for a good month or so. Summer is here and the mint is growing like crazy in our garden. Also I want to add a Pesto to my Sauces for Sale that does not include Garlic. Some people do not like Garlic or it just isn’t so good for their digestive system.

Mint is such a fresh tasting herb, quite aromatic with a sweet little punch and a cool after taste. Just perfect for a pasta summer dish. And Cashews? They are to me the ultimate nut. They have a nutty flavor that is quite distinguishable. They are also full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. They have a high concentration of protein, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Some call them a super food. Heck I just say they are good for you!

Benefits of Cashews

I added lemon juice too because it really summers this recipe up and keeps it fresher and lighter than with only olive oil.

And the mix with Basil? I do it 50- 50 or maybe just little more mint. The mint flavor is stronger the the basil so it comes out beautifully in this mixture and you also get tasty basil too. I think it would be too dominant alone in a pesto. Save that for teas and jelly.

Here is the recipe

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