Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo

I moved to Switzerland from Los Angeles over 20 years ago. I have been asked 400 billion times why.  Maybe I was exiled for unimaginably horrible crimes to society and have to spend the rest of my life god forbid, in that stinkhole Switzerland? So funny.  Almost everyone in Switzerland spent 3 weeks doing this tour: LA , Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, PCH back to LA.  This 3 week trip qualifies them to be experts on the difference between the two and for sure, the west coast of America is 100x better place to live than Switzerland. How crazy are you to move from there to here. Lost your mind? Hello anybody home?

Pico de Gallo

Still today, a lot of swiss dont know what Salsa is. I guess that during that 3 week trip they often do not end up with a stop at a cheap mexican dive, which is really too bad! 

I started making Pico de Gallo in Switzerland. I was given a book of mexican recipes for my birthday and thats where I got my recipe. But I don’t make it like the book anymore. I have pimped it a bit but the main concept is still intact. It has to be otherwise, the salsa would suck.

And what is that you ask? Well first and most important is the tomatoes. You must remove the skin and the seeds and make it with only the tomato flesh. You will find countless recipes with videos of amis (slang for americans here) making pico de gallo without this step. Many say just remove as much of the juice as you can after finely chopping. Quash!! 

Pico de Gallo

This is the main difference between cheap ass low quality salsa and the, mmmmm I can’t stop eating this shit!! Salsa!!

What I also do is I make the Salsa look beautiful. I add different colored peppers. I must have green, red, and yellow bell peppers to make a rainbow of colours in my salsa. Of course you can use many different types of peppers depending on what you can get your hands on, but that color trio is a must for me. So beautiful! A feast for the eyes!

Last but important, Olive Oil. This just makes the salsa ingredients stronger. A salsa can get really mushy and soggy but I believe that tablespoon of olive oil goes a long way in keeping the consistency of the mixture together. You want to see all those lively ingredients on every tortilla chip!

But if you didnt skin and deseed, all you have to begin with is often a mush so  who cares about the olive oil anyway. Its still better than any store bought, but not really worth the time in my opinion.

And back to my exile in Switzerland. Well at least they got salsa! I now make it under the brand ‘Scotty’s Fresh Salsa’. Check it out and if you want to make it yourself, click aqui.


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