red enchilada sauce the whole enchilada

Red Enchilada Sauce

A store bought red enchilada sauce does not even come close. If you want the whole enchilada, make it yourself. It’s worth it!

Red enchilada sauce is either made with a roux, then bouillon and tomato paste are added, or with canned tomatoes. This recipe is with a roux and for me, it is much better than throwing all together with a can of tomatoes. The word enchilada comes from the word ‘enchilar‘ which means to add chile. So it should also have chili in it or something spicy too.

I have made it many times too spicy. That chili can really rock your boat if you add too much. I used to love spicy foods but now I prefer just a little spice. So I use Paprika and concentrate more on the exotic flavors like chocolate and cinnamon. If you prefer spicier, you just need to add a stronger chili powder.

Enchilada sauce has so many spices in it! Wow! Cumin, Garlic, Chili, Coriander, Chocolate, and Cinnamon all in one sauce! Now that is exciting! And what is soooo cool about the chocolate, is that there is only a hint of sweetness. There are so many other flavors fighting for your attention in a good red enchilada sauce that the chocolate and cinnamon only blend into this wonderful and splendid jamboree of spices. They do not dominate and nor should the chili!

Without these two ingredients in your red enchilada sauce, I’m afraid you don’t have the whole enchilada.

Or The whole kit and caboodle.

Or The whole 9 yards.

Or the whole ball of wax.

The whole enchilada is an american slang phrase and means everything. You get, you want, or you have all of something. You are not missing any pieces. Could be an object, could be a situation, a complex thing. If you got the whole enchilada, you got it all or you understand everything.

So think of this when you make your next enchiladas. Go for the whole enchilada!

Here is the recipe.

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