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The Chimichurri Challenge

Wow! What’s that sauce?

I’ve heard that more than once at a nice and relaxing summer grill party.

“It’s Chimichurri. Its an Argentinian creation especially prepared for mixed grill. Ever heard of Churasco? Thats mixed grill party in Argentina and Uruguay and it doesn’t come without some fresh chimi.”


You really have to plan if you want the flavours of parsley, garlic, chilies, red wine, oregano, and  olive oil to drop their jaws into an ’Oh wow now that’s good’ smile. And its so much better if all those lovely ingredients are allowed to swim together pool party style for a day. And don’t forget the coarse salt and pepper!

So what’s the challenge if its so damn good?

Scour the web or whatever sources you have, and you will find most recipes are spot on with only slight twists to the ingredients and the preparation being the same. Some do you use a food processor but I wouldn’t because you risk the ingredients being too pureed. However, you will find some subtle differences in the ingredients:

  • 100% Parsely
  • Mix the Parsley with Cilantro – usually 50-50
  • No vinegar but lime juice
  • Add diced red onions.

So thats what we did! We made 3 sauces:

  1. Original with 100% Parsley and red wine vinegar
  2. Same recipe as above but 50% Parsley and 50% Cilantro.
  3. Forget the vinegar – lime juice and diced red onions

And the results?

They are all Awesome! We were all eating the 3, one after the other, enjoying each one immensely! What a treat! Of course the meat was an excellent mixed grill prime steaks, venison  and believe it or not – zebra. It goes great with all grilled meats as well as fish and seafood – anything off the grill!

What we can say is this:

  1. The original is the smoothest and most balanced. You are easily tasting that marinated Parsley which has lost its slightly bitter edge and is now just one of all the lovely ingredients tantalizing your buds.
  2. The Cilantro adds a nice punch! Pow! The herbs mix well together making the sauce the more edgy and exotic.
  3. Did I mention Red Wine Vinegar? Well that comes out in both the above recipes loud and clear. And if you love it or at least like it, you are in seventh heaven. But what if you dont? Well your in good hands with number 3! The lime juice and red onions punch this baby into the sky! Its more fragrant and a bit tropical. And you really notice the missing vinegar, but in a good way!

So next time we will have to decide which one? Or all 3? It wasn’t that difficult to make all 3 and it certainly becomes a topic of contention with your guests!



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