Zürich Geschnetzeltes or Beef in a Wine Mushroom Sauce and Rösti

The first time I ever had Zürich Geschnetzeltes or Beef in a Wine Mushroom Sauce was when I was on the top of Piz Gloria-Shilthorn in Switzerland. The famous turning James Bond restaurant right at the top of the mountain.

I was with my future parents in law and it was a glorius day. Crystal clear bue skies , a little chilly, and not too crowded. Two things still stay in my memory from that day; first is sitting outside in the sun having a drink and watching the hang gliders and crows fly in the cold sky and second; that luscious sauce and delicious lunch I had: Zürich Geschneztles and a Rösti (Swiss Hash Brown Potatoes). That tender veal in that luscious sauce was on top of the mountain!

I actually was there another time and ordered it again and it was just ok. The sauce was a little bland nor the meat as tender. I also ordered it once in a fancy restaurant in Zurich, and once again, it didn’t meet up with that first one. Es war nicht schlecht aber nothing to write home about.

I believe the key is all in the sauce and the quality of the meat you use. Check out my recipe and hopefully you can make a good one. If you can make it without having to add any corn starch, then I believe you have achieved a delectable treat. It is also usually served with a Rösti, which is also an art of its own in making. I have a recipe for that too: Rösti recipe. So get ready to be a little swiss and make this divine meal!

Here is the recipe: Zürcher Geschnetzeltes mit Rösti

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